6 Steps to Perfect Korean Barbecue Short Ribs at Home

Lose yourself in the delightful world of Korean cuisine, celebrated for its fragrant, piquant, and satisfying components. This piece will guide you through a esteemed dish – the Korean Barbecue Short Ribs. Universally recognized as Galbi, this succulent, savory, and delectable BBQ dish encapsulates the spirit of Korean dining, imprinting an unforgettable experience on your taste buds.

Korean Barbecue Short Ribs: The Sacred Galbi Dish

Galbi, the heart of Korean barbecue, mirrors the history, customs, and love for wholesome meals inherent in Korean culture. Galbi, which means ‘rib’ in Korean, emphasizes prime beef short ribs seeped in a marinade blend of soy sauce, pear puree, sesame oil, garlic, and sprinkles of sugar and pepper for a flawless sweet-savory juxtaposition.

The Ideal Meat Cut Selection

The meat’s superior quality is decisive for an unparalleled Galbi experience. Demand ‘LA-Style Short Ribs’ from your butcher or find this ½ inch thick cut marked by three bones and exquisite marbling for enhancing tenderness and aroma at Asian grocery stores.

Formulating the Signature Marinade

Creating the marinade for the Korean Barbecue Short Ribs is crafting the dish’s life essence. The symphony of flavors from the marinade penetrates the meat, tenderizing and instilling an unrivaled taste.

With ingredients common in Korean cuisine such as a small ripe pear, a small onion, 4 cloves garlic, 1 cup soy sauce, 1 cup brown sugar, ½ cup rice wine, 2 tablespoons sesame oil and 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper, blend them all to a smooth mixture to complete the marinade.

Basking the Short Ribs in Flavor

Following the marinade, drench your short ribs in the mixture. retain ¾ cup of the marinade to later serve as a dipping sauce. Place the ribs in a sealed plastic bag with the marinade and rest for 4-6 hours at a minimum. For profound flavor, leave them overnight, remembering to turn the bag for even marination.

Korean Barbecue Short Ribs

Searing the Absolute Ribs

Sear the ribs over intense heat to get the perfect char and smoky edge. Position the ribs on a preheated grill: each side should receive around 3-4 minutes for optimal caramelization and color. Monitor the meat temperature – ideally between 135-140°F for the best results.

Presenting the Grilled Ribs

On serving, crown the sweet and savory ribs with green onions finely chopped and the light texture of sesame seeds. Complement the ribs with the leftover marinade and freshly chopped lettuce to wrap the ribs, a customary practice in Korean barbecue events.


Korean Barbecue Short Ribs, teeming with vibrant and robust flavors, epitomize a gastronomic journey to a gratifying and soulful culinary expedition. Be it a restful weekend family dinner or a gala feast, Galbi has the charm to metamorphose an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary one. Savor this magnificent ride to delectability: you are sure to relish every bite!

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